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School of LAW

PIBT Law School is a partner institute of the University of Greenwich, England and offers internationally recognised fully accredited law degrees which include Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Laws – Senior Status/ Graduate entry route and Masters of Law.  The history of the University of Greenwich (UOG), can be traced back to as early as 1890 and its home campus is located at iconic Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site. The UOG is a popular and top ranked university in the world under many different categories and included in all the recognised university lists and rankings. Accordingly all the law degrees we offer are recognised by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka as well. As a partner institute, the quality of the law programmes we offer are closely monitored and assisted by the UOG to ensure the students with the use of resources from the both UOG and PIBT receive a convenient, flexible and world-class learning experience throughout the programme until they graduate with an internationally recognised top-ranked law degree.

Why choose law?

A law degree can prepare you to be a successful lawyer, but it can also prepare you to be a successful producer, politician, manager, journalist, diplomat, or police officer; a law degree prepares you for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world.


PIBT Law School offers three different law programmes you can choose based on your needs and qualifications.

LLB (Hons)

This LLB is a three-year degree programme designed for those who want to study law as their first undergraduate degree and offers the academic legal knowledge in every area necessary to pursue a career in law or related field. Our LLB student will study essential areas of legal knowledge such as public law, land law, equity and trusts, contract law, criminal law and tort law and also in the final year, they will choose from a range of specialist modules, including commercial law, intellectual property law, financial services law, and international law.

LLB (Hons) – Senior/ Graduate entry

This LLB senior status/ graduate entry degree programme is designed for students who already have an undergraduate degree in another subject. In this programme some modules are exempted and the students are able to complete their degree in two years.

Under this programme, in addition to the substantive law, a student can explores legal issues from a social, political, moral and economic perspective. Much like our other LLB course, this senior status course is also geared towards employability and will open the way to become an Attorney-at-Law in Sri Lanka and also a Barrister or Solicitor in England and Wales. These LLB degree programmes will also set your path towards many opportunities in the law field in many other countries, particularly, in the Commonwealth. 

LLM (Masters of Law)

With our LLM in International and Commercial Law, students will discover more about the legal framework governing the international community and the legal issues surrounding global markets. Knowledge of world trade - and the legal framework surrounding it - has never been more important. On this course, you will look beyond national jurisdictions and get to grips with the issues of public international law and international commercial law.

You can study one of three endorsed pathways or follow the non-endorsed pathway. The three endorsed pathways are: Business Human Rights & the Environment; Intellectual Property; and Ocean Law & Policy. To gain an endorsement, you will need (after starting your studies) to: gain approval to study for the endorsement; and gain approval for - and then complete - a dissertation which must be on an area related to the endorsement; and thirdly study the compulsory, 30-credit, module* that relates to the endorsement. (*For Ocean Law & Policy, the module compulsory for the endorsement is ‘The Law of Maritime Security: Navies & the Rule of Law at Sea’; for Intellectual Property, the module compulsory for the endorsement is ‘Intellectual Property Law’; and for the Business Human Rights & the Environment, the module compulsory for the endorsement is ‘Business Human Rights & the Environment’.)
The LLM students will be assessed through coursework, class presentations and a dissertation, allowing to acquire a broad range of skills in the law and research.

Why study law at PIBT Law School

The PIBT is the only Sri Lankan partner institute of the University of Greenwich. Therefore, the law degrees offered at PIBT are top-ranked, internationally renowned and recognised by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka. The PIBT is conveniently located in Colombo 07. The law programmes are closely monitored and strictly follow the UOG standards. The qualified, competent and friendly staff is always ready to help and assist you improve and get through.

Methods of teaching in PIBT are student-friendly and convenient. They may be delivered on-campus or by means of online teaching, making use of the University’s online learning platform and applications. The PIBT Law School programmes will open you many career opportunities which include but not limited to law practitioners, legal officers in both government and private sectors, legal consultants in Sri Lankan and international organisations.  Also, law graduates enter into academia as lecturers. Qualifications in law are often an added advantage in many fields such as business management, tax, real estate, notary practice, labour relations, audits and ombudsmen, policy and legislative analysts, research and patents and copyright associated industries.  

Government services, foreign services and the administrative services are often benefitted with law knowledge and qualification where many different positions as magistrates and judges, in the Department of Attorney General, legal draftsmen and similar institutes are reserved for lawyers and law graduates. Further, taw graduates are in high-demand in International Organisations, NGOs and Public Interest Organisations. These opportunities are not only limited to Sri Lanka, with a recognised UK law degree you can be barristers and solicitors in England and Wales and also pursue careers in anywhere in the world. 

Why choose UOG international Law programmes

The University of Greenwich is driven by a founding ethos of ‘no limits’. The fundamental vision is to empower everyone to explore new possibilities, unbound by conventional wisdom and artificial boundaries. Through this approach, the UOG aims to inspire new ways of communicating, connecting and expressing our personal and collective identities. The UOG courses are designed in conjunction with business and industry and use the latest research-informed curricula. Technology plays a big role in their teaching. An example of this is lecture capture, which allows students to revisit most of the lectures online and on-demand. The UOG has the resources to make multimedia a key part of the learning experience. The UOG specialises in subjects that prepare students for the next stage of the career. The law programmes offered by PIBT Law School as a partner institute closely follow the UOG standards at all times and the University is always ready and willing to assist their students in international programmes.


"I'm immensely thankful to PIBT for providing a nurturing environment to study Law programme. The course curriculum was comprehensive, and the research opportunities were exceptional. My time at PIBT has set the stage for my Ph.D. studies."

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